About the FL DX Group

Foxtrot Lima is an international DX group from Finland, started out by 56FL001, Mr. Timo in October 1998 at the city of Vaasa. FL members are CB and ham operators who share the same interest, DXing on the 11m band. The name of the group or in fact the letters FL come from the country name Finland or from the radio term Feed Line.

The FL DX group is quite small, we have at the moment (March 2016) 71 members in Finland and 79 foreign members. We are, of course, always happy to welcome new members to our group.

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  • FL QSL
Foxtrot Lima QSL Cards

If you are interested in joining our DX group, the price for the membership package is €10 (Euros) or $10 (USD) if you are in Europe and €15 (Euros) or $15 (USD) for countries outside of Europe. The membership package includes your personal FL callsign and a membership certificate, 35 international QSL cards, a list of members, and some invitations.

You should let us know your complete QSL address, province/state/region, and the unit number you would like to have. (Unit numbers below number 011 are not available, these are reserved for officials of the FL group.)

Current pricing for more QSL cards is €10 (Euros) or $10 (USD) for 50 QSL cards for European countries (€15 or $15 for other countries) and this price includes postage.

Here is the address for the FL group:

P.O.Box 7

Please print an invitation and add your details on it, send it to FL HQ with your money, and you will receive the complete membership package of the group in a few weeks.

If you have any questions, you can contact us using the contact form.

It is also possible to get the FL membership without the package (FL callsign only). In that case, contact us.

You can see the available FL material on the FL material page.

Here is our banner, if you wish to use it on your website:
Foxtrot Lima Banner

You can use the following HTML code for including the banner:

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